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MINI COOPER S COUNTRYMAN ALL4: Why should you buy it?

MINI COOPER S COUNTRYMAN ALL4 – The Mini’s typical driving fun becomes a fascinating experience and sustainable. Mini Cooper S CountrymanAll4 is the first British premium brand model equipped with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. So, it opens the possibility to live a pure electric, zero-emission mobility therefore locally. They are combined with a sporty agility and extraordinary versatility.


MINI COOPER S COUNTRYMAN ALL4 is the ideal car for target-group

The task of ensuring an efficient thrust the three-cylinder gasoline engine and together carry out a synchronous electric motor. Two engines generate an output of 165 kW/224 HP System. Equally fascinating are the fuel consumption of -2.1 liters per 100 kilometers and the 2.3-CO2 value of 52- -49 grams per kilometer (values in the EU test cycle for plug-in hybrid cars). So, the Mini Cooper S CountrymanAll4 is positioning itself as the ideal car for target-group. In particular, they want to benefit from pure electric mobility in the daily commute between home and office and have the weekend of unlimited use at long range.

eDrive Technology

Mini Cooper S CountrymanAll4 combines the versatility offered by space concept of the new generation of models with sustainability eDrive technology and the all-wheel drive electric. The front wheels are driven by the internal combustion engine, the rear wheels by an electric motor. Mini Cooper S CountrymanAll4 is able to advance electrically not only in city traffic. But also outside the urban environments, with a top speed of 125 mph and a range up to 42 kilometers. And is able to offer driving pleasure even where the paved roads.

The Mini Cooper S CountrymanAll4 – highlight

  • First plugin-in hybrid model of the brand
  • Sophisticated BMW Group eDrive components, specially designed for the model, with know-how derived from BMW’s development of BMW iPerformance
  • The three-cylinder engine and the electric motor deliver a system power of 165 kW/ 224 hp
  • Fuel consumption in the EU test cycle: 2.3 to 2.1 liters / 100 km, CO2 value: 52-49 g /km
  • Electric guides up to 125 km / h with a maximum range of 42 km
  • New fun driving experience thanks to ALL4 electrified all-wheel drive
  • High-Voltage Li-ion Battery Chargeable with the Wallbox in 2:30 hours
  • The eDrive toggle command offers three driving modes
  • Hybrid system technical specifications

2017 Mini Countryman pricing (plus on-roads):

  1. Countryman Cooper $39,900
  2. Countryman Cooper D $43,900
  3. Countryman Cooper S $46,500
  4. Countryman Cooper SD All4 $51,500
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