UEFA Champions League final: Check the Nissan Excitement Index

The UEFA Champions League final between Juventus and Real Madrid is getting closer. Football fans around the world will face insomnia, sweating and rapid heartbeat, even before kick-off. According to new research presented by Nissan, the wait before a big match is physically more exciting kick-off and even number of goals.

Robbie Dunne

During an experiment, conducted in the Nissan Excitement Index in collaboration with scientists at Loughborough University, Nissan brought the Club Atlético de Madrid fan, Robbie Dunne, see the return semifinal against Real Madrid. It checks the levels of his emotions ahead of the match. Robbie wore devices to monitor and collect a range of data. Among the parameters considered included heart rate, respiratory rate, and Electrodermal activity. In this way, it was possible to analyze the physiological effects of the most exciting moments experienced by Robbie on May 10, 2017, awaiting the kick-off.

The result

We expected to encounter physical signals of enthusiasm – such as increased breathing rate and heart rate – during the crucial phases of the semifinals. So, we have noticed with great interest that the key moments before the match contributors to these reactions. In some cases, these moments have even surpassed the enthusiasm felt by Robbie during events like goals.” said Dr. Dale Esliger of Loughborough University.

The peak

The most astonishing peak occurred while he read the discussions on social media. As he stated himself, triggering elements behind this enthusiasm could be the lack of conviction and little hope than an epic comeback of the team and the resulting access to UEFA Champions League final. Knowing that football is a sport exciting and sometimes unpredictable, it’s easy to see why this renewed confidence has led to a surge in heart rate and breathing.”

2017 UEFA Champions League final

Waiting for the UEFA Champions League final, Nissan will be at the heart of the action. Nissan will have the task of transporting the legendary trophy to the Principality Stadium. You can follow all the events and initiatives on a new Facebook page and share your enthusiasm Nissan Excitement ahead of the match with the hashtag #TooExcitedTo.

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