Tavullia, Ranch and Riders Academy: Rossi’s World

Tavullia – Moto GP champions are on holiday. After the German GP, the riders rest before the Grand Prix of Austria. However, now we have a new entertainment for two-wheel fans. The fifth and final episode of the miniseries web dedicated to Valentino Rossi.

The title of the final round is “The Boss”. It is a collection of images that wants to reward one of the most popular Motorsport champions. The Boss has a double meaning. Rossi is not only a person who has achieved a position of authority in Moto GP, but also a man who runs a business increasingly expanding. Vr46 has a stylish and functional headquarters near Tavullia. It is the basis for a company that is also involved in many other interests.

Tavullia: the epicenter of Rossi’s Life

The last episode of Valentino Rossi, The Doctor Series begins with the epicenter of the Rossi’s Italian life. Tavullia, the city where he was born. Vr46 has become a real industry made up of people and ideas. Vale works on the track and off. For example, from 2008 he produces hiss merchandising and also to other MotoGP riders. Merchandising is the link between the sportsmen and his fans. Rossi wants to sell a high quality product. This is the basic rule of his factory. Last year, the business expanded even in soccer, with Juventus Fc. Also, he consolidated the collaboration with Monster Energy, to include his very own signature drink The Doctor.

vr46 tavullia

And then there’s the inevitable Ranch. Here is growing, thanks to the collaboration of Sky Italy, Sky Racing VR46 Moto3 Team, born in 2014. When the World Championship doesn’t work, Valentino meet up the team at the Ranch to talk about tactics, circuits and his secrets have success. So, much effort, passion and sacrifice. The Riders Academy was born to play and then became something professional. In the video we can see the protagonists of the Riders Academy. Young people. Everyone says the same thing. Rossi is a master and a great friend. The Ranch is a great opportunity for their future. Something unique. Rossi has a hope. Find his new successor.

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