Nirvana Motorcycle, Only a Funny Moment

Nirvana Motorcycle – Nirvana band is not a synonym of biker life. But we want to remember it through this short, but fun clip, on a motorcycle. They talk about records, cd’s, and the Terry Jacks song “Seasons in the Sun”. In 1993, Nirvana recorded an informal version of the song. It was never intended for release. But it is on the DVD part of their 2004 box-set With the Lights Out. Kurt Cobain would often reference the song in interviews, mentioning that it made him cry as a child.

Nirvana Motorcycle: 25 Years Ago Nevermins was born

On September 24, 1991, Nevermind came out. It was the first Nirvana’s masterpiece with 30 million copies sold. Nevermind was a revolutionary album and it surprised the music industry. He beat “Dangerous” by Michael Jackson, such as. In 1991 there were also “Out of Time” by REM, the Black Album by Metallica and Use your illusion by Guns n’ Roses. Red Hot Chili Peppers released Blood Sugar Sex Magik on the same day of Nevermind. The album was supposed to sell only 250 thousand copies at most. Instead, “Nevermind” sold 300 thousand copies per day. Seattle became the world capital of new rock. Because the Grunge became the music of the 90’s.

Nirvana Motorcycle, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” song was the first Revolution

“Smells Like Teen Spirit”, the first single, was a revolution. It became the anthem of a restless generation. The trio shouted to the world the discomfort of those who refuse to follow certain rules. Then, there are the stories related to Nevermind. As Spencer Elden. He’s the kid who appears on the cover. He is the son of the photographer’s friend. Kirk Weddle immortalized him while swimming in a pool of Pasadena. It chased a dollar bill attached to a hook. He said the he would know Cobain. But now he has “only” the original Platinum disc of the album.

In the back of the album, we can see a photo collage raw meat’s pieces. It’s an illustrations of Dante’s Inferno, including even the Kiss group rock, one of the passions of Cobain. So, Kurt disliked motorcycle. However, this interview remains a memorable 10 done by Nirvana during their brief but immortal story.

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