Bodyguards for Lorenzo and Marquez

lorenzo marquez bodyguards
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  1. Deter says:

    It’s pathetic that any rider in this day and age should need body guards. They should all be treated with great respect for the fantastic job they do

  2. Bernard says:

    There is only one who can fix this is VR he has started all this with his comments about the JL & MM that they were ganging up on him.

    VR is the one that should bring his fans under control. They are a disgrace to the sport. And agree with Paul that they should go to the football instead

    1. mac jones says:

      Go back and watch the races carefully and take into account lap times of MM. VR only stated fact. MM realised that 9 championships are easy to better than 10. Also, what right did JL have in protesting against VR’ in an incident that had nothing to do with him?

  3. Paul says:

    So sad for our sport. All riders should be treated with respect as they represent the sport we love and are each in their own right incredibly talented sportspeople. Whatever the politics is has nothing to do with the fans. None of them deserve to be boo’d or have to be concerned for their safety. If you are one of these so called fans, you should be ashamed of yourself and should be at a football match, not a MotoGP race.

    1. mac jones says:

      Yes they should pay the consequence of cheating. Simple as. Don’t do the crime if yuo can’t do the time.

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