Dorna wants to Punish Rossi’s Fans

dorna rossi fans
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  1. Law says:

    One man alone is responsible for this & his name is Rossi. He has been given so much by MotoGP & yet he stands while is immature fans ruin it. He could have easily squashed this last year but his only concern is himself & being on page one of any GP sport news in any way he can…He can no longer do that by winning so it will be by whining…Sad end to what was once a respectable career

  2. Darren says:

    I agree dorna and Honda have helped fuel this situation and now want to take it out on rossi fans,really what did dorna expect from taking rossis 10th world title away from him, the hate will now never diminish your fault dorna

  3. Nick Breeker. says:

    Dorna created this,they took the change for Rossie to become world champion away together with Honda,the sport is gone long time ago its all about money and they wanted a Spanish world champion,Lorenzo would have become a hero instead of a whiner if he had said that he don’t want to race this way,In my eyes he is not a real worldchampion they gave him the title.

    And I won’t be surprised if Marquez is used and set up by Honda.

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