New Caberg Uptown – UPTOWN is the new Caberg’s jet helmet. It is a classic and elegant look, conceived for the touring world and definitely useful for shadowy urban routes.

The new Caberg Uptown has two shell sizes in polycarbonate. So, you can have the best fitting proportion between the shell volume and the your head. There are two frontal air vents as nimble as they tolerate breathe extractors about the also up guarantee an unconditional trip out furthermore during the hottest area. The exclusive system Double Visor Tech. Thanks to the available inner sun-visor. So, the helmet allows you to ride always once than the right fresh and in safety.

New Caberg Uptown is also equipped with a ring to secure the helmet to the motorbike

The helmet has a transparent visor. It is in opposition to-scrape treated and ready to fit the Pinlock lens. So, it has a broad dimension to get accompanied by high look auspices in addition to during longer disaffected routes. In order to prevent the visor from brushing against the bombs, it is augmented to use the lateral ratchets about the shell. The retention system has a micrometres buckle for safe and easy adjustments. Uptown is after that equipped behind a field to presenter the helmet to the motorbike.

new caberg uptown

Uptown is preset for the CABERG JUST SPEAK S wireless communication system

The lining is each and every one removable and washable, realized considering high transpiring fabrics. Uptown is preset for the CABERG JUST SPEAK S wireless communication system, which allows through Bluetooth technology to communicate not only behind your cell phone and your passenger. But afterward to secure for a GPS system, listen to the music through an mp3 performer or mobile phone. Just Speak S uses the Bluetooth A2DP profile.

The new Caberg Uptown is manageable the strong colors matt black and white. The graphic versions are: LEGEND in the interchange color assimilation, ITALIA when the Italian flag colors, GEAR considering matt black base and white graphic and LADY dedicated to women.

New Caberg Uptown – Outer shell:

Two shell sizes in polycarbonate

New Caberg Uptown – Ventilation:

Adjustable frontal vent and rear air extractors

New Caberg Uptown – Lining:

Completely removable and washable lining with high transpiring fabrics

New Caberg Uptown – Visors:

Double Visor Tech

  • Clear outer visor anti-scratch resistant and ready to fit with the anti-fog Pinlock lens
  • Sun-visor anti-scratch resistant

New Caberg Uptown – Solid Color versions:

Matt Black, White

New Caberg Uptown – Graphic Versions:

  • Matt black base with white stripes; Legend matt black base with yellow fluo stripes
  • Bright white base with black stripes
  • Legend midnight blue base with white stripes
  • Italia bright white base with Italian flag colors
  • Gear matt black base with graphic in white
  • Lady cream base and multicolor graphic
  • c


Micrometric buckle


Smaller Shell: XS, S, M
Bigger Shell: L, XL, XXL


1150 +/-50gr. CABERG Spa

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