Marc Marquez Age, The Comparison with the young Valentino

marc marquez champion 2
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  1. Terry York says:

    Marquez strikes me as haughty, petulant, frantic, and winning is all that matters.
    He doesn’t have near the depth or love for the sport as Rossi.
    I don’t think there’s any comparison.
    Not a fan, and not impressed.

  2. steve hislop says:

    A very easy comparison that overlooks one very important fact: MM93 has never won a MotoGP-title without electronic rider aids.I´m pretty sure he would´ve had some serious hospital visits inbetween races otherwise and I assume his whole style could only develope because of this fact.You just don´t develope a “rip open the throttle and see what happens”-style on a 500cc.

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