Meet The Team of Motorlands

Motorlands is a company located in Malta. A TV commercial pro, and a web journalist, founded it. They want to realize a new shopping experience. For the first time, Motorlands Team thinks of bikers. Alberto, Roberto and Viviana work with you. If you want to become a Seller, you must only open a free account. Then, you must only insert your product and the Motorlands Team complete the publication for you. So, now you’re a PRO Vendor of the first Private Marketplace for motorcycles, clothes, spare parts and accessories.

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Motorlands Team Transforms a Private Marketplace in a PRO Shop

So, in this website you can find many products. Such as motorcycles, clothes, spare parts, accessories and even more. In particular, you have the opportunity to Become a Motorcycle Trader. This website is a private marketplace. However, it’s safe and professional.

Motorlands Team follows you during the selling process. From the publication of an item to the checkout. Don’t worry! Motorlands wants that you have a great experience in this fantastic world. The Two wheels World!

Roberto Coviello

Roberto Coviello considered a decade of experience working in asset management in Italy, first for Mediolanum Bank between 2005 and 2007, and then as an independent trader for HNW individual. Since 2010 he has worked as a discretionary portfolio manager at Integradvisory LTD responsible for the investments of the company in 2013 and is a member of the Sicav Maltese Taliti Fund Sicav Plc’s and Magiston Fund Sicav Plc’s Board of Investment. In 2013, he founded RTSAdvisory Limited is channeling inside the wealth of experience, knowledge and relationships gained in 10 years of activity.

Alberto Lattuada

Alberto Lattuada is a media professional. Journalist of the motorcycle sector, believes that journalism, passion and e-commerce can walk together. Mind and soul of, he’s an expert of two wheels ‘s world and big fan of the web. Degree in communication science, has a decade of experience in television and web journalism.

Viviana Vutano

Viviana Vutano is the Deus ex Machina of Motorlands. After a master's degree in marketing, she worked ten years in television before returning to his first love and devote herself to e-commerce. She has been the commercial weapon of the site and has a deep knowledge of the Anglo-Saxon culture, but not only.

Pratik Sinha

Pratik Sinha loves the motorcycle's world. He's a writer, but also a great reader. Pratik writes of MotoGP. Because he loves Motorsport. He always finds interesting stories to write about.

Abhijit Sarkar

Abhijit Sarkar is a Blogger. He loves car, fitness and motorcycles. He loves to write about his passions. Everyday Abhijit allows you to discover the magic world of two wheels.