Yamaha X-MAX 400 my2018: €6,690 for the new Sports Scooter Premium

The Yamaha X-MAX 400 my2018 will be available in all official dealers starting from August 2017. The colors are Phantom Blue, Sonic Black and Blazing Grey and the price is €6,690. The new Yamaha X-MAX 400 is an exciting and stylish scooter, designed to allow everyone to turn every trip into an adventure, to make the most of the time it takes to get to work or simply to have fun.

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If I bought it…

If I bought the new Yamaha X-MAX 400 my2018 (6.690 euros), I certainly would drive into town. It is true the 400 cc engine could afford to make short trips, but I am convinced that the best use is that citizen. The new Japanese model might move easily, even in a very active European city like Berlin or Paris. But it would be a perfect companion even in big cities like Los Angeles or Tokyo. Where would you go with the new X-MAX?

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The new Japanese scooter has a sporting spirit and a high level of comfort. For improved functionality, 2018 models were equipped with a series of new technical and stylistic features. Such as dynamic qualities, ease of handling, the feeling, and the design that, inevitably, will make every trip to the new X-MAX 400 easier and more enjoyable.

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Dynamic and Versatile

The dynamic design of X-MAX 400 is inspired by his younger brother, the X-MAX 300. In particular, the twin headlights make it instantly recognizable and provide a distinctive image and authoritative. While the iconic side “boomerang” design enhances its strong connection with spirit MAX.

Yamaha X-MAX 400 my2018: 400 CC Engine, Powerful and Affordable

The Yamaha X-MAX 400 my2018 has a 400 cc engine. It’s perfect for those who have to face urban and suburban traffic on my way to work. Thanks to the sophisticated Yamaha engine technology and fuel injection, this Premium Sports Scooter has been confirmed as one of the most reliable and affordable in its class. Moreover, thanks to the Euro 4 homologation, emissions are minimized.

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New Double Seat

The new double seat has a small backrest for the driver. It has a proper lumbar support that improves the comfort level. While the seat cover in two colors and details of high aesthetic value, as the double stitching. So, it underlines the great attention to detail. Ensuring maximum wind protection, there is an easily adjustable windshield. In addition, the new aluminum wheel design further enhances the elegant look.

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Yamaha X-MAX 400 my2018 is similar to a sports car

The Yamaha X-MAX 400 my2018 is very similar to a sports car for its high-tech equipment, consisting of two classic analog speedometer and tachometer dials with a black background and white numbers. An elegant LCD display, located in the Central area of the instrumentation, displays several pieces of information.

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Another important characteristic of X-MAX 400 is the Smart Key. So, you can start the scooter without to enter the key. Smart Key starts the engine, unlock the Steering and seat, allowing it to access the large under seat storage. Using the remote control feature of the Smart Key, you can also block and locating your own X-MAX 400 at the touch of a button.

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You can use the X-MAX 400 seven days a week. Yamaha provides the highest levels of security and control on variable surfaces. So, the new model has a Traction Control System (TCS) standard. Thanks to this electronic system, the rear wheel from losing traction on wet or slippery surfaces. When the sensors detect a rear wheel slip TCS system is automatically reduced the driving force.

Park with ease

The handy parking brake of the new Yamaha X-MAX 400 allows you to Park safely, even on slopes or rough terrain. The handlebar, adjustable in two positions, is another example of clever features that make X-MAX 400 sports scooter practical and easy to drive.

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