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Yamaha SCR950, an urban scrambler born to make every ride special [VIDEO]

The Yamaha SCR950 is one of the new members of Yamaha’s Sports Heritage family, the Faster Sons. The SCR 950 is the first Yamaha scrambler after many years. Yamaha is heavily involved in the heritage. It works hard with preparers from all over the world in its Yard Built project.

Yamaha SCR950: The character comes from on-off tires

The new aesthetic of the Yamaha SCR950 mixes some of the well-known XV series features with new ones. The engine is the protagonist, but the character comes from on-off tires. The presence of oval-number tables in place of the sidebars and, above all, the off-road dumbbell with the traverse. And even more so from the single, flat and high ground saddle, as expected by a scrambler.

Yamaha SCR950 1

Two colors

The drain remains low and confirms the design of the sisters XV, apart from a slight inclination upwards. Round headlight, LED tail light and arrows do not change. There is some chrome plating less, there are repositioned and more sporty footsteps. The starter block always on the right of the tank (and therefore the block lock is separated) and the same dashboard with a single round Lc type element. Two colors. Red and white tank, with gray wrenches. Or total black with white threads on the tank and side panels. Engine and exhaust are always black.

The Engine

The 60° V engine confirms the structure, performance, and aesthetics of footnote XV950. This engine was on the first XV950 of 2013 and is strictly derived from 942 cc successfully used. Especially in the US, by custom Midnight Star. Even in SCR configuration, the power thus confirms 52 hp at 5,500 rpm of the XV series and the famous pair of 8.1 kgm at just 3,000 rpm. There is no riding mode and no traction control, but you certainly do not feel the lack of it.

Yamaha SCR950

The new driving position

The new driving position offers a very different approach to the XV, from which the SCR derives. Starting from the shape and especially from the height of the saddle, you move from the low bobber (just 690 mm) to a straight and high (830 mm), which you can move easily. The mezzanine and wide handlebar are typically off-roading. Whereby you are with your torso almost straight and open arms to dominate the steering. But otherwise, there’s lots of custom setting, starting from wide footpegs rather, although repositioned behind (150 mm) and elevated (30 mm). The tank is short and narrow.

The Yamaha SCR950 has a “healthy” structure

The feeling of having to deal with a “high” bobber is confirmed as soon as you move. Because, apart from the new posture, driving behavior is quite similar since, that the chassis is the same. Which is not in itself a limit if the approach with the SCR is the right one, and if you choose for its extraction. The Yamaha SCR950 has a “healthy” structure and the engine like for like delivers the couple and pushes out of the turns. If you want to discover the XSR900 click here!

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