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Porsche 911 Driver and Spiderman Biker in real Action Movie Incidents [VIDEO]

Porsche 911 Driver and Spiderman Biker – Have you had never seen an action film starring a motorcycle or a car? Maybe a nice Porsche. Today we’ll show you two videos that might excite even the greatest action movie director. Featured a motorcycle on a Highway and a Porsche 911.

New Spiderman Biker

In the first we see a motorcycle traveling carpool lane (HOV) at a regular speed. A few seconds later, its course is interrupted by a blue Toyota that cuts two lanes before being hit by this new Spiderman biker. Exact. Because the rider’s race ends above the Toyota with the most heroic action movie. The two guys in the car, taking away a few meters this intrepid new Spiderman biker, who still has the strength to stand up and say a few words to the shocked driver of the Toyota.

Porsche 911 Driver

After the ride, we see this incredible video of a Porsche 911 drivers. If you want to buy a Porsche, especially the mythical 911, you do not need to ask for a test drive. But since we are talking about a lot of money it is normal that many require this option. Probably it was what the guy in the video did. Take a test drive with someone you’ve known for a few minutes is a very special experience for those who sell automobiles, but is even more when vehicles are expensive and they go very fast.

Often the seller chooses a predetermined path that consists of narrow streets with low speed limits. However, not everyone can handle a car like that, especially the Porsche 911 drivers that we see in this video.

In fact, after a sharp bend, the 911 hits another car and hit a small sidewalk. Amazing. An insult to this legendary German model. A watch that those driving must be able to manage or make an end of this silly Porsche 911 drivers.

Source: Autoevolution

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