Honda X-ADV 750: SUV style and off-road appeal [NEW VIDEO]

The Honda X-ADV 750 is very far from the limits of traditional scooters, often transcending the world of “real” bikes. Piero Sembenini, the organizer of “The Wall”, extreme enduro race, knows this and has seen fit to take a ride on the trails of Metzeler Offroad Park.

Honda X-ADV 750: “Wow, this will be something to go crazy

By motorcycle enthusiast, I hope that the Honda X-ADV 750 could sell many pieces. The Honda X-ADV 750 must become the motorcycle cult of 2017. I’d appreciate it. “Wow, this will be something to go crazy.I thought when I saw it at EICMA. Today they say that with the X-ADV, scooters, and motorcycles but even a light off-road bike, will be one of the bestsellers of the year.

Honda X-ADV 750 SUV style off-road appeal

My only doubt is not on “half and the half” (motorcycle and scooter), which is brilliant, but on the “off road” concept. For me, it’s just marketing. And Honda has learned the lesson and did well to make a bike as well. What lesson? The BMW GS, one of the most sold is an ocean liner to make trips, but also to dream of going off-road. I’m talking about the majority of bikers with that bike make long and beautiful routes.

Many, as is normal, they are not prepared to take over 200 pounds dry around the dirt roads. So, like owners of SUVS make long journeys, but very few are venturing to trails, deserts or snow-covered prairies with their four wheel drive. The Dream? Because that is what raises the advertising. So, the Honda X-ADV 750 with its 239 pounds with a full tank actually is the SUV of two wheels. The first? The assessment I leave to the readers.

The Engine

We talk about the engine. The parallel twin is a huge success and moves that range NC born in 2011. Honda revised it in 2014 and it became Euro-4 last year. As we said, the engine was born in 2011 and was involved in a review three years ago. With an increase in volume. But in addition to the 4 mm bore in addition, the engine has been revised in the architecture by adopting a second crankshaft balancer. So, it reduces the vibration that plagued the version to 670 cc. The engine has gone up to 745 cc 55 HP at 6,250 RPM to offer and, above all, 68 Nm of torque 2,000 rpm below.

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