BMW R1200R History: the great success of a Naked [VIDEO]

In 2006, the German brand introduced the new BMW R1200R and joined the other models in the same series already present as the R1200S and R1200RT. The BMW R1200R my 2006 is a naked. It has a better engine with 109 HP and it is 20 pounds lighter than the previous R1150R. At the end of 2014, BMW Motorrad introduced the new BMW R1200R. Among the main innovations were the new liquid-cooled engine from 125 HP and 125 Nm of torque (the same mounted on GS and RT) and a new upside-down Telescopic fork suspension instead of the classic Telelever.

BMW R1200R the history infographic

BMW R1200R my 2006

BMW R1200R my 2006 is a perfect mix of balance and lightness in design, but also in the “masses”. The R1200R is leaner. The data confirm 7% less on the previous model. The boxer engine is the same as the R1200GS and R1200RT. Then, power increased by 28% with 109 HP at 7,500 rpm, 115 Nm at 6,000 rpm, which means an increase of 17%. A sophisticated electronic system called CAN-Bus controlled the engine, which allows the use of a diagnostic system for troubleshooting.

BMW R1200R my 2006

In 2006, an important news was the DRC. It’s the tire pressure control system. In the event that the values are significantly different from those times, an amber light will illuminate (information) or red (alarm). Since I am talking about instrumentation, we analyze the new cockpit. Two analog instruments (speedometer and tachometer) arranged one above the other, and on the right side of the LCD display. BMW R1200R my 2006 has an onboard computer (optional) to provide more information to the pilot.

Riding the BMW R1200R, it is impossible not to appreciate the ergonomics. Saddle and handlebars are perfect for a naked. Torso leaning slightly forward and not too high and slightly backward. The saddle provides a great comfort. It is well padded and aptly shaped. For too high or too low no problem, BMW offers a low seat (770 mm) and the second highest (830 mm).

BMW R1200R my 2011

BMW R1200R my 2011

Naked, essential and elegant. A sales success. Simple, yet very elegant in its classicism. BMW R1200R my 2011 aesthetically change little or nothing from the previous model. Colour combinations (Smoke Grey Matt metallic, metallic and metallic Redapple Light gray in combination with silver rims Nürburg), the difference is the boxer from 1,170 cc. The data talk about 1 HP more (now 110) and 119 Nm of torque (previously were 115). Two-cylinder boxer engine with double overhead and 4 valves arranged radially, mixed air-oil cooling and double ignition (2 spark plugs per cylinder).

No changes for the chassis. BMW confirmed the two tubular frames bolted directly to the engine, that has the load-bearing function, as well as the suspension, Paralever (back) and with the only slight difference of the increase from 35 to 41 mm, the diameter of the stems of the Telelever. Very important is the Electronic Suspension Adjustment, better known as ESA electronic suspension adjustment system, which through a convenient button on the handlebars. It allows real-time adjustment of the trim of the bike (Comfort-Normal-Sports the three set up defaults).

Onboard computer, heated grips, windscreen and hard bags for motorcyclists (that according to their height can also choose between different saddles which vary the ride height of the seat from 76 to 83 cm). White direction indicators with led lighting and chrome exhaust for the most attentive to the look, while the “more careful”, a good security system.

BMW R1200R my 2015

BMW R1200R my 2015

Change all to BMW R1200R. Nothing is like before. We are not only talking about aesthetics and mechanics, there is now a more lively maxi naked. 125 HP at 7,750 rpm and 125 Nm at 6,500 rpm. The provision, as well as full-bodied and supple, it’s definitely ready. Precise and soft clutch transmission close a package virtually immune from criticism.

Even the chassis is partially disrupted. The traditional Telelever gives way to a more traditional upside down fork. Out is similar to that of the S1000RR, but inside sports changes in adjustment to better arrange driving a roadster. The basic version has no adjustments.

Than before, the new R1200R is more nimble, but it’s not very fast. This remains a roadster and closely resembles the R nineT. Other naked are more immediate and rapid changes in direction. But the best part is that, once you have set the trajectory, it follows precisely.

BMW R1200R my 2017

BMW R1200R my 2017

The BMW R1200R my 2017 is tight, compact and muscular. Its new design sets it clearly apart from its predecessor. The upside down telescopic fork based on the pattern of the S 1000 RR gives powerhouse a striking appearance and ensures stability and precise handling. The BMW R1200R my 2017 has a look that perfectly matches the way it rides. Because it has the sharply drawn lines along the fuel tank and the seamless transition across the seat to the rear.

The R1200R my 2017 is ahead of its time in terms of technology. 125 HP provides and together with the riding modes that can be accessed at the press of a button, the optionally DTC puts this power effectively onto the asphalt. The rider has everything in view and under control thanks to the new instrument panel. This sits on a bridge made of high-end aluminum in the cockpit.

For al information about this model: BMW Motorrad site or contact us

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