Barry Sheene lives again through his Suzuki XR14 RG500 [VIDEO]

Barry Sheene – Suzuki released the first part of a video showing the XR14 RG500 restoration that won the World Championship in 1976 with the legendary Barry Sheene driving. The protagonists are the former mechanic of pilot Martyn Ogborne and another former tech Suzuki Nigel Everett. The two will bring the Japanese “jewelry” to the ancient splendor.

Suzuki XR14 RG500 will have the same technical characteristics as that of Sheene

When the Suzuki XR14 RG500 was found, it was not in the best health condition. So, only through the UK division records, it was possible to establish that it was the legendary 1976 World Champion. Nigel Everett is the man responsible for the hard work Of restoration. The former mechanic Suzuki used all his knowledge to faithfully reconstruct the bike. So, it has the same technical characteristics as Sheene was driving on the track.

Suzuki XR14 RG500, More powerful

In 1976, the Suzuki XR14 RG500 could boast a power equal to 101 CV and after the rebuild it will reach 102, which will allow the maximum speed to reach 281 km/h. Most of the Sheene XR14 was made of magnesium. But after a series of engine accidents, Sheene decided to use a heavier and more reliable aluminum fusion. The engine is a real “square four”, a type of four-cylinder with a particular U-shape.

The myth that revives

The restoration work of the two Suzuki technicians will not only bring the historic splendor back to its original splendor. But will once again bring back a legend of racing, Barry Sheene. The British, who disappeared in 2003, was the first to personalize helmet and running suit. His number became a legend, the 7. So, watch the first part of the Barry Sheene’s bike video and live again the incredible races of this legendary driver.

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