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Why buy a motorcycle suit?

The first question is “Why to purchase a motorcycle suit or motorcycle pants?” This issue may seem trivial. But it is crucial to see whether this is indispensable in our clothing.

Protection and comfort

The purpose of a motorcycle suit is to protect against the minimal bumps, which with everyday clothing would be very painful. Also, we safeguard our skin from excoriation. Finally, it repairs from heat and cold because inside there is a constant temperature. It is a guarantee to the use of specific materials.

Motorcycle Suit: Good or Not

After answering an existential question, let’s know if a suit is good or not good. The suit should be soft and should have as few seams as it means three things. The first is that the brand did not spare for the production. The second is that if there are fewer seams are present for the identification of a piece, we make an example of the back part, and more this piece is identifiable as a unique block. So, less stitching equals less chance of tearing and thus greater resistance when falling.


All leathers are durable. The kangaroo one, unlike the cowhide, offers a greater softness to the touch. There should be elasticized inserts in the major points. Such as the groin height, behind the knees, and under the armpits. The inside of the suit should also be removable, washable and made in breathable fabric. The smallest caps are necessary, and the suit should have elbows, shoulders, and knees, plus the sliders. And also an extra reinforcement on the back. The presence of the aerodynamic hump provides a better penetration coefficient. It is also excellent and great protection for the neck in the event of an accident.

The right size

When choosing the size for the suit, several factors must be considered. It must be adherent. But there must be space for the height of the back because it is necessary to calculate the presence of the protection. The suit should not interfere with the movements and create difficulties. Also, the sleeves must be slightly above the wrists. The suit should always be worn inside gloves and boots. If you have any questions or issues, please contact us here or via Facebook.

Motorcycle Suit One Piece or Jacket + motorcycle pants

The whole suit is recommended for those who use the bike. Especially on the track because it does not have the zip that holds trousers together. So, the jacket represents a lesser extent of the suit. In our section, you will also find the jacket and motorcycle pants combinations.