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McLaren Sports Series, a Family built to drive [VIDEO]

McLaren Sports Series – According to the business plan Track22 there will be 14 new McLaren until the 2022. The Woking’s, in fact, will invest approximately a quarter of turnover in research and development. So, it will structure the plan on the new carbon chassis cage concept called Monocage II. It is a carbon frame whose production will be shifted to the new factory in Sheffield and will be curated by Carbo Tech.

McLaren Sports Series and not only

The first of the 14 new models is the McLaren 720S. It is the second generation of the Super Series family that made its debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. The new program also provides for the adoption of a hybrid system in all supercar, with the equipment of a potential diesel V6. The culmination of the project is the so-called Hyper GT. It has the codename BP23. We can see the 109 models in 2019. This is a car that takes some concepts from Formula 1, particularly as regards the hybrid powertrain, and which will be composed of three spots.

Super Series, Sports Series and Ultimate Series

The other segments that McLaren will expand are Super Series, which includes the models for the Asian market, 625S 650S, 675 LT and the 720S and Sports Series, with models 570S, 570GT and 500 series. And Ultimate Series, with P1 and P1 GTR for racing. McLaren is experiencing an excellent time for sales. McLaren is following delivery, especially in North America. While Europe and China, a growing market here, too.

In the meantime, Let’s enjoy this video where we can see in action the McLaren Sports Series family, some sports cars built from supercar DNA. “Our passion for performance and innovation, honed over five decades of success on the racetrack and on the road, has led us to create a car that is both heart-stoppingly exciting and also very usable.” said McLaren brand.

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