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Adam West is dead. He was the first to drive the first and legendary Batmobile

Adam West – He was the Batman’s face for an entire generation. An icon of the small screen before the film appropriates inner torments and Bruce Wayne’s character. Adam West, star of the Batman tv series, is dead at 88 years, after a brief but courageous battle with leukemia. The family made the announcement. “Our father was always seen as the bright Knight, aspired to positively affect the lives of his admirers, has been and will remain our hero”.

Adam West and Hollywood

William West Anderson was born in Walla Walla, Washington, and when he was 15 years old, he had moved with his mother to Seattle, after her parents’ divorce. At the end of the military service’s, he arrived in Hollywood and changes his name on Adam West. Then, he began working on the television series Bonanza, Perry Mason, and Bewitched.

Adam West and Batman

In the 1966 Adam West debuts on Abc. He was Batman, the protagonist of the series, and Burt Ward played Robin. The background was Gotham City with quirky and colorful costumes. The show was an instant success, thanks to the ironic style, far from dark atmospheres which in future would characterize productions dedicated to the Batman character.

Adam West and the first Batmobile

We want to remember the legendary Batmobile. The car, driven by Adam West during the Batman television series, was sold two years ago to $5 million.

Ford developed the Batmobile concept car, called the Lincoln Futura. It built in 1955 and then it appeared in the 1959 film. George Barris, a car customizer, bought the Future for $1 in 1965 and has built the Batmobile within three weeks. Then, the Batmobile of Adam West was ready in time for the production of the show. Barris held the frame and the basic shape of the car. But he reshaped the nose, tail shapes and designs inspired by the bat. Then he made three other Batmobiles.

Equipped with rockets, an automatic pneumatic retraction and a Batphone, the Batmobile of Adam West was a faithful companion for the actor. The car perfectly embodied the image of the superhero.

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