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Mercedes Benz CLS 2018 C257: 4K SPY VIDEO of Interior and Exterior

Mercedes Benz CLS 2018 C257 – A prototype of the new CLS Coupé – the 257 Series – has provided a glimpse of the widescreen cockpit. Not surprisingly, this is visually similar to the E- and S-Class.

Mercedes Benz CLS 2018 C257 Graphics and display options

Graphics and display options of the Mercedes Benz CLS 2018 C257 are therefore known from these vehicles. The new generation of the Mercedes CLS will have its world premiere this year presumably at the L.A. Car show in November.


The new CLS 2018 C257 with its flat front and narrow headlamps are visually attractive. The taillight with its typical coupé shape is also fitted with slim taillights. The taillights of the next CLS generation show a horizontal light design. We expect the sales release of the new 257 series to be released in December 2017 and the dealer premiere in March 2018. For others Mercedes Prototypes.

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